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Rope Rescue Solutions

Ragged Mountain Guides is proud to offer enhancement seminars for rescue personnel who engage in high angle rescue and mountain rescue. Personnel we work with include mountain rescue teams, firefighters, ski patrollers, rock climbers, military and homeland security personnel. We have the connections to meet your needs.

Please contact us with your enhancement needs.  We will work with you to create a specialized custom program to build on your existing rope rescue skills.  Topics include but are not limited to anchor building and selection, simplifying systems, developing a systematic approach, and handing 3rd, 4th and 5th class terrain.

Our Instructors are NFPA 1670/1006 Compliant Rope Rescue Technicians and Specialists who specialize in formal and improvised cliff rescue.


Silverback Consulting Solutions

Silverback Consulting is RMG’s teambuilding branch. Since 1998, Matt has been working with groups to transform themselves into high performing teams. Matt has worked with school groups, collegiate athletic teams, investment bankers, and corporation leadership. We’ve built high functioning teams from groups of people in all stages of group development.

The Silverback is loyal to his troop of followers. The Silverback is the center of the troop’s attention, making sound decisions, mediating conflicts, determining the movements of the group, leading the others to feeding sites and taking responsibility for the safety and well-being of the troop. The Silverback provides leadership.

All we need is time, a common goal, and the desire to win or improve.

All Silverback Consulting programs are custom designed. No two programs are alike or have similiar needs. Please call to inquire about timing, locations, availability, and fees.

Many groups choose to go unnammed here, but some previous Silverback Consulting Clients include:

Trinity College Athletics
SONO Field House
Mountain Workshop
UCONN Outing Club
UCONN Stamford
US Coast Guard Academy Sandhurt Military Competition Team


Program Consulting Soultions

If you currently have a climbing program or outdoor program and require staff training or consultation, please call.  We have set up programs with the customized training they require to successfully execute programs in the field.

Military and LE specific training is available. Please contact us directly for more information about our programs and partner organizations.  We have previously worked with local agencies on tactical training and mountain mobility.


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